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Response Letter – Respond to a Complaint

This kind of letter is written in reply to a complaint letter. It may be in many aspects. In most cases those are business letters. It may be written by a customer to a dealer or may be written by the dealers to the wholesalers. Usually defects in products or any kind of discrepancies in services are the main reasons for writing this kind of letter. Proper acceptance to the complaint must be shown and exact services should be promised to be provided as a perfect solution to the recipient. Proper regret must be expressed in the letter due to the fault. If a third party is responsible for the fault, the recipient must be directed to the third party.

Some important tips to write a response letter to a complaint letter:

1. The letter must be totally formal and written with due respect and gratitude to the recipient.

2. The letter, after writing, must be checked for any kind of errors after checking.

3. The letter must be ended with proper thanks giving and a proper salutation to the receiver.

4. The letter must contain all the required details that are necessary to describe the reasons for the complaint.

Respond to a Complaint Sample






Date: ______________ (date of writing the letter)





Subject: Response to complaint

Respected sir,

Thank you for your letter alerting PQR to the matter you’ve got been having with our store in ABC. I’m sorry you’ve got been subjected to such a frustrating series of events. We tend to pride ourselves on responding to customers’ issues terribly quickly. Therefore what you’ve got tough is inexcusable.

I have spoken with our manager in ABC and have taught him to grant you a full refund and two hundredth off your next purchase. I extend my very own apologies for the inconvenience this downside has been caused to you. It’s apparent that we’d like to coach our vacation facilities additional totally.

Thanking you,


Yours sincerely,

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