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Documentary Letter of Credit

Documentary letter of credit is a type of template of letter of credit. From this letter you can get an idea about how a letter can be drafted and you can also get an official format that can be used to draft a letter. In the letter you will find the things that can be mentioned in the letter of credit and also what content has to be written to make an effective letter.

  • This letter is a kind of template letter of credit. Hence it has to be written in simple format. Do not make a complicated format.
  • Do not make it too lengthy. Make it short and sweet instead. As this is a formal letter do not write much quantity.
  • Write the complete description of the goods with their quantity and the weight.
  • You have to write each and every detail related to the said letter of credit amount, date of expiry etc.

Documentary Letter of Credit Template

Use our free Documentary Letter of Credit to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.








Subject – Documentary letter of credit

Dear Sir /madam

I am ___________ (Name) writing this letter regarding the letter of credit issued. My swift code and the credit card number are ____(code). The said letter is released as on ____(date) by ____ bank(name of bank). This letter is being issued in line with the request made to the bank. This letter of credit is valid till _____(validity of date).We have received confirmation from the Bank. The repayment has to be done by drawing a demand draft in the name of _______ (name). We are sure that you will act as per the terms and conditions relevant to the shipment. The detailed goods description is attached herewith. We look forward for a timely payment from your end.

Thanking you



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Documentary Letter of Credit Sample, Email and Example/Format








Subject – Documentary letter of credit

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am Ganesha, my swift code is 95340. My documentary credit number is 41256 and it is issued on 01.09.2013by the Bharat co-operative bank, the beneficiary bank being the Bank of Baroda. upon the request. The credit limit is Rs.500000/-. The said letter of credit expires on 01.03.2014 and the confirmation of the same has been received by the bank of Baroda. The repayment of the said letter of credit will be done through a demand draft drawn in the name of ______(name ).We hope that you agree to the terms and conditions related to the said consignment. The description of the goods in details attached herewith for your ready reference. We hope that the payment will be done from your side in time.

Thanking you


Email Format



Swift Code: __________(code number)

Form of Documentary Lc: Once it is transferred and confirmed, it is not Revocable.

Documentary credit number: _____________(number)

Issued Date: _____________ (date)

Name of Bank Issuing Letter of Credit: ______________(Bank Name)

Beneficiary Bank: ___________________ (Name of the Bank)

Opened By order of: _________________ (Name of the Authority)

Currency: ______________ (the currency used for transaction)

Credit Limit: ____________ (the maximum value)

Metric tons as per pricing Formula

Available with: ___________ (name of the authorized body)

Name of the bank confirming the letter of credit: _____________ (Name of the bank)

Date of Expiry: ______ (Date)

Payable at: _________ (payment mode)

Draft to be drawn in favor of: _________ (authorized name)

Shipment terms: _______

(Port of Discharge)

Maximum date of Shipment: _________ (the agreed period)

Partial Shipment: ______ (yes or no as agreed)

Description of Goods

____________(metric tons – quantity), based on monthly installment of ____________(units as agreed) Metric tons be it More of less a Certain per cent, per month for ___(period) months of (name of the commodity) as per the specification under the contract number____ dated_______ .

Documentary Letter of Credit Generator

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