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Documentary Letter of Credit

This letter is a template of letter of credit. This letter informs how to draft a letter and the official format for drafting a letter of credit. The letter provides details of the things to be included in the letter of credit and the content to create an effective letter.



Swift Code: __________(code number)

Form of Documentary Lc: Once it is transferred and confirmed, it is not Revocable.

Documentary credit number: _____________(number)

Issued Date: _____________ (date)

Name of Bank Issuing Letter of Credit: ______________(Bank Name)

Beneficiary Bank: ___________________ (Name of the Bank)

Opened By order of: _________________ (Name of the Authority)

Currency: ______________ (the currency used for transaction)

Credit Limit: ____________ (the maximum value)

Metric tons as per pricing Formula

Available with: ___________ (name of the authorized body)

Name of the bank confirming the letter of credit: _____________ (Name of the bank)

Date of Expiry: ______ (Date)

Payable at: _________ (payment mode)

Draft to be drawn in favor of: _________ (authorized name)

Shipment terms: _______

(Port of Discharge)

Maximum date of Shipment: _________ (the agreed period)

Partial Shipment: ______ (yes or no as agreed)

Description of Goods

____________(metric tons – quantity), based on monthly installment of ____________(units as agreed) Metric tons be it More of less a Certain per cent, per month for ___(period) months of (name of the commodity) as per the specification under the contract number____ dated_______ .

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