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Explanation Letter – Sample Explanation Letter

The explanation letter deals with the particular prototype of letter that is used for explaining any situation or the circumstances as the answer of something being asked. Most of the time under any circumstances you may be asked for some explanation about something and you need to be very careful while answer through n explanation letter. Improper statement or the improper way to put the statement may lead you to some kind of miscommunication. The explanation letter helps you in the better way to make yourself prepare for an interview.

  • Brief description should be provided with detail without glorifying the fact.
  • Explain the step or the initiatives taken by you to make it correct.
  • Emphasize your present situation with the fact.
  • Explain the possible end of the situation or the problem.
  • Provide the proper and truthful information so that if one asks for the document you8 should not found you in the false position.

Explanation Letter – Sample Explanation Letter Template

Use our free Explanation Letter – Sample Explanation Letter to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.


(_____Your Name________)
(____Your Address________)

Date: _________

Subject: [_________________]


Whom it may concern

I would like to put this into your kind attention that in the present time I am going through with (____________________________ state your problem _________________) and because of this I am unable to (_______________ explain the problem_______)

I have a good history (_____________ provide the detail of yours in regards to the problem_______).

I hope this situation is temporary and I will overcome it soon as (___________ provide the detail of the steps you have taken and your future expectations_________)

Thanking you.



Your signature


Download Template (Doc and PDF)

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Explanation Letter – Sample Explanation Letter Sample, Email and Example/Format


Explanation letter to the bank:

Vincent Cooper,
ABC bank,
Loan number: XXXXXXXXXX

Date: 6/8/13

Subject: [explanation letter for EMI delay]


The bank manager,
ABC bank.

Dear Sir,

I would like to put this letter as explanation to your kind notice that presently I am dealing with huge financial crisis as I have lost my last job due to some specific reason. Right now I am entirely jobless and in this situation I am really helpless and unable to pay back the monthly EMI for the loan I had taken from your bank last year for my car. I am trying hard to get another job and make the situation normal as soon as possible. But you know in this recession it is tough to get another job on short period of time. It does not need anything to say as you know me very well and I hope you can recognize that I have a very good history for my paying bills. I was never late in my payment. I will pay everything I owe but now all I can ask for is little bit co operation with me so I can overcome the situation real soon.I hope this situation is temporary and will last long in the future and I hope you to cooperate a bit so you can provide me a plan with minimal payment or no payment for next few months. I know you have some plan of repayment in your account and hope if you consider my problem and handle this with iron hand that will be real grateful.

Thanking you.

Your sincerely


Vincent Cooper


Email Format

An Explanation Letter is the one that is written to explain a certain behavior that was not expected or justified. Since an Explanation Letter is to amend a mistake the tone should be submissive in nature and not authoritarian. The words and adjectives used in the letter should indicate that the person writing the letter is sorry for her/his behavior.

__________ (Name of the person who is being given the explanation)

___________ (Date)

Dear ___________ (name)

I have been thinking about the incident that took place on _________ (date) at __________ (place/venue). I have been trying hard to forget about it but it has been bothering me since then.

I realized my mistake and would like to give an explanation for the same. As you are aware that my family has been going through financial crisis and when at the dinner you asked me for my share of the contribution towards the community function, I reacted the way I did. I am extremely sorry for my behavior. You were just doing your duty and I snapped at you.

I am sure this incident will not affect our relationship and I hope you will forgive me and forget about this incident.

I assure you that such behavior will never be displayed again.

Best regards,


(Name of the person writing the letter)


Explanation Letter – Sample Explanation Letter Generator

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