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Interview Letter

Applying for a job and then getting one is one major task. There are many steps before one gets to the top of the job ladder and each step seems insurmountable till it is crossed. These days the trend of employee selection is different from what it used to be. Now there is first a round of group discussion that results in elimination. And then there are at least two rounds of interviews and then the final selection.

An Interview Letter is the one that is sent out for an individual inviting her/him to appear for the interview. Because of increased competition, an individual really needs to think “out of the box” while appearing for the group discussion as well as the interview. A lot needs to be and should be communicated in the Interview Letter, such as the date, time and venue of the interview along with details of any documents or proof the individual needs to carry with her. Since an Interview Letter is the first communication that an individual receives from an organization, it should be well written.


  • An Interview Letter is a formal letter so it should always be handed over on the company letterhead
  • It should always be typed and not hand written
  • Since it is purely an official communication of selection, it should be crisp and brief
  • It should clearly have the date of issue on the letter
  • The Interview Letter should inform the individual details of the interview such as date, time and venue
  • The Interview Letter should also specify for the individual if s/he is expected to get any documents with her/him for the interview
  • It should be addressed to the individual concerned with her/his full name and address to avoid an confusion
  • Since it is the first communication from the organization, an Interview Letter should be well drafted and well worded
  • Formal official language should be used while writing an Interview Letter
  • It should be sent well in advance for the individual to make arrangements to reach the venue on time especially if it is out of station


_______________ (Name and address of interviewee)

_______________ (Date)

Subject: Interview for the post of ____________

Dear Ms/Mr _____________

This is in response to your application dated __________ applying for the post of ____________ (designation) and the subsequent Group Discussion that was held on ___________ (date).

We are pleased to inform you that you have cleared the first round of elimination and have been selected to appear for an interview with our Panel Members.

You are requested to come for a formal interview on _________ (date) at ________ (venue) at __________ (time).

You are requested to please be on time for the interview. If for any reason the date is inconvenient for you, kindly contact the undersigned for an alternative date. You also need to call at any of the numbers given below and confirm your availability for the interview failing which the interview call will be null and void.

There is no need for you to bring any documents for the interview. They will be required after the results of the interview are declared.

We wish you all the luck!

Best regards,

(Name of signing authority)

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