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Appreciation Messages

It is possible for one to encounter a ‘guardian angel’ or a kind soul who extends his hand of kindness to us sometimes in our lives. When this happens, our hearts are filled with gratitude that we are compelled to respond in appreciation.

There are many ways to express your appreciation of someone who has done a good deed to you. You can say a simple ‘thank you’ or a good handshake; a gift as a token of appreciation is also acceptable as long as it is not outlandish that may cause embarrassment to the recipient.

However, a simple and effective way to show your appreciation is to write an appreciation message in response to the good deed. A well written letter of appreciation can convey your depth of gratitude when the right words are used as you can be free to express yourself with examples or feelings.

An appreciation message can be formally or informally written; if it is written between friends or family, it can be informally written where one can be more expressive in the letter content. Otherwise, the letter is formal, especially when it is in the business environment or acquaintances.

Occasions that warrant an appreciation message could include a promotion, a bonus, a substantial increment or some form of recognition for the employee in the workplace. An appreciation message could be written by an employee to return thanks to the management, superior or colleagues who have supported and assisted in the success of the employee.

Outside the office, appreciation messages can be conveyed between friends and family where a simple written thank you note in appreciation of the love, care, support or gift is delivered to the sender of the message.

Below is a sample ‘Appreciation’ message letter which an employee writes to his boss after receiving a recommended promotion in the office.


Sample ‘Appreciation’ message:



Gregory M. Hauck

Associate Partner

Conner, Bosch & Associates Legal Services

1639 Formula Lane
Dallas, TX 75240


February 15, 2011



Joseph A. Conner

Senior Partner

Conner, Bosch & Associates Legal Services

1639 Formula Lane
Dallas, TX 75240


Dear Sir

Re: In Appreciation

Kindly allow me to offer my humble and deepest appreciation over your generous invitation to me to be made an Associate Partner of your esteemed and prestigious legal firm, Conner, Bosch & Associates Legal Services.

I am indeed honored to receive this highly coveted invitation as I know that it comes rare and far. I knew that the first time I entered into this esteemed organization, this would be THE place for me to advance my career.

I am appreciative of every opportunity that I have been given since my humble beginnings at Conner, Bosch & Associates. Thank you for being my mentor, and I wouldn’t have traded my training for any other.

I have been extremely blest with you as my mentor as I learned the ropes of this legal profession from you. I truly appreciate all the challenges that came along my way to mold me the way I am; I am proud to be known as Conner’s protégée. I believe this molding will bring me out of your shadow one day.

In true appreciation,

Gregory M. Hauck


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