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Baby Shower Messages

Having a baby is experiencing a miracle within the expecting mom; hence, much effort is put into preparing for the baby’s arrival. A baby shower is a good way to prepare all who are involved to welcome the little bundle of joy into the world. A baby shower is not just for the benefit of the parents-to-be, it is a time of celebration and expectant joy for the grandparents-to-be, godparents-to-be, relatives and friends of the baby.

A baby shower can be a joyous as well as an emotional affair. Hope and excitement of a new arrival to the family are all hyped up; baby gifts and well wishes are plentiful. A baby shower message can come in many forms: in a cute little card welcoming the arrival of the baby, a touching poem of how new life comes about, well wishes and supporting words to the parents-to-be, especially the expecting mom.

A baby shower message is usually attached to the gift that a guest brings to the baby shower celebration. It usually holds endearing words to the mom-to-be and the baby. The words are very endearing according to the relationship of the gift bearer to the baby, like the godparent or grandparent.

Some countries, especially Asian countries, hold baby showers upon the arrival of the newborn; usually in a month after the baby is born. It is called a ‘full moon celebration’.

Baby shower messages could be written and read out at the baby shower by close friends or family members present; they could also be sent by well wishers who could not make it to the baby shower but want to encourage the parents-to-be or say a few words to the newborn.

Below is a sample ‘Baby Shower’ message letter which the grandparents write to the parents of the newborn to encourage them in their parental role to their new or impending addition to their family.


Sample ‘Baby Shower’ message:


Joseph & Eileen Howell

4202 School Street
Washington, DC 20011


February 15, 2011



Ivan & Joanne Tatum

2123 Myra Street
Providence, RI 02909


Dearest Ivan & Joanne

Re: Heartiest Congratulations!

We are delighted to hear of the safe arrival of your new baby.

We are making the necessary arrangements to travel down to your place soonest possible to hold our first grandchild, little Matthew. Thank you for naming him after your great-grandfather, Joanne. I am sure he is ‘as pleased as Punch’ up there.

We are sure that both of you will be great parents to little Matthew; he shall have the best of both worlds: yours and ours! We are the closest living things on planet earth for him.

As for our baby shower gift to little Matthew, your mom and I have decided to set up a trust fund for him. ‘It’s never too late to start saving…’, as your mom always says, Joanne. It is a small amount to start off Matthew’s education funds. It is a token of our love for little Matthew.

God bless you threesome!

With all our love,

Joseph & Eileen


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