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Birthday Messages

Birthdays come only once a year; so, it is always an important and special time to be celebrated. There are many ways to celebrate a birthday which could convey your birthday message; it could be a beautiful gift or a surprise party. A simple note of a heartfelt wish is warms the heart of the recipient.

There are many commercial birthday cards which one can easily buy off the rack to convey your birthday wish to the birthday boy or girl. A birthday message is usually a good wish included to bless the birthday party. It can be a formal message in the political or business environment where important business partners, associates and relations are wished success and prosperity; an informal birthday message is usually accorded to those whom you are more familiar with on a personal basis, such as family members or close friends.

A birthday message is a good occasion to remind the birthday recipient that he/she is remembered on his/her special day. Everyone likes to be acknowledged, and birthdays are great occasions just for that. A birthday message, even if simply conveyed, can establish or strengthen a relationship, especially when both parties stay far away or seldom meet up.

Besides the good wishes for the day, a birthday message can include many other things, like compliments on the birthday recipient, expectations and hopes to be materialized, or even confidence and re-assurance of the birthday recipient’s potential or capability.

A birthday message is always positive in nature, whether it is formally or informally written. It is always a delight to receive a birthday message as it contains good words and blessings to the recipient. An informal birthday message can be more expressive and light than a formal one. It may contain creativity in conveying the good wishes if written by a close relation.

Below is a sample ‘Birthday’ message letter to the birthday recipient from a loved one.


Sample ‘Birthday’ message:


Sarah R. Lowe

4276 Pyramid Valley Road
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

February 14, 2011


Danielle M. Ebert

250 Jenna Lane
Des Moines, IA 50309


Dearest Danielle

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Allow me to be the first to wish you a GREAT day today. Though I may not be with you to celebrate this special day of yours, I am sending all my love (and Vince’s) and best wishes along your way. Being born on February 14 is not difficult to remember a birthday as special as yours!

Isn’t it great to feel so vibrant today? I am sure you are in cloud 9! I was too, on my sweet 16. I would like to wish you the JOY of your heart’s desire on this special day as you turn sweet 16. It’s a special year for any gal; here’s to your staying sweet and lovely as you grow. Realize your full potential and have fun!

Enclose is a gift voucher of $50 for you as your birthday present. Treat yourself to something nice. I will catch up with you when we get together…soon.

Loving you,

Big sister Sarah


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