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Business Messages

Businesses are very crucial to the economy. Good business messages are essential to keep the business relation in good health too. There are many types of business messages which a business can write to another daily with regards to business. It These can include messages on sales and purchases, products and services, confirmation or cancellation of orders, invoices, company announcements and notifications, employee related news such as promotions, awards, increments, bonus, appraisals, resignation and termination, as some examples.

A business message can be written by any authorized figure from a company to another authorized figure of another company. Business messages are usually formal and should be well written to earn the respect of the recipient. Business messages could also be directed to the public, besides the business associates. Business messages to the public could be an announcement, promotion, surveys, notification of change of address or contact information about the business or some other information which a client should know to ensure continued patronage of the company’s products and services.

Business messages are written as a reminder or to serve as a record the business dealings that transpire between companies.

Well written business messages will put the sender not only in good stead and respect by the recipient, they are also crucial to the survival or progress of the company.

Below is a sample ‘Business’ message letter from a company to another with regards to the confirmation of a business meeting.


Sample ‘Business’ message:


Carla L. Brown

Sales Manager

Platinum Services Consulting

2546 Deercove Drive
Philadelphia, PA 19121


February 16, 2011



Mr. Brian Vega

Managing Director

Fairchild Quality Products

3965 Massachusetts Avenue
Fairfax, DC 22


Dear Sir

Re: Confirmation of Appointment

Thank you for your kind consideration of using the services of Platinum Services Consulting.

I am writing to confirm the appointment between your kind self and me this coming Thursday, February 23, 2011 at 3pm at your office. The appointment would probably take an hour to discuss the change in policy of transactions between both companies.

Platinum Services Consulting is honored to have enjoyed the great support of Fairchild Quality Products for the past five (5) years. However, with the recent changes in business transaction policies passed by the federal law, the way we conduct our businesses are affected somewhat. Hence, it is essential for a face-to-face discussion to discuss the impact of the federal law on business policy changes with regards to our business collaborations.

I shall be coming in with my accountant, Mr. Jerry Lamb and my legal advisor, Mr. Ryan Bloom who will be able to advise us on the policy changes. Please feel free to invite relevant personnel from your side for a fruitful discussion.

Thank you for your kind understanding on this matter as every party’s stake is involved. Thank you for taking time off your busy schedule to meet up with me on the mentioned time and date. I shall be there punctually.

I look forward to a fruitful discussion which will lead both our companies on to greater success and growth.


Yours sincerely,

Carla L. Brown

Sales Manager

Platinum Services Consulting


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