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Christmas Messages

A Christmas message is a message of love, joy and hope to every believer in Christ Jesus, the Son of God. It is usually spoken out in a church service on Christmas Day as Christians celebrate an important day – the birth of their Savior, Jesus Christ. It can also be mailed out to the congregation by the church authority as some may not be able to attend the special church service on Christmas Day.

The spiritual authority will speak of the love of God for all mankind such that He gives His only Son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross for man’s sins, so that man will be free from the punishment of sin. This is God’s way of showing the full measure of His love for mankind. The Christmas story of baby Jesus, and his earthly parents, Joseph and Mary, are often played out in churches, cantatas and musicals to convey the great love of God for people.

The believers are reminded to love as Christ loved in a Christmas message; as believers, they are called ‘sons and daughters of the Most High God’. They are reminded of His love and grace on them. They are encouraged to grow to be more and more like Him. A Christmas message focuses on the true meaning for the occasion. The central theme of Christmas is JESUS. He alone deserves all praise, worship and honor. It is His birth on earth that is celebrated for mankind’s eternity.

It is a message of love, forgiveness and repentance of sin with eternity in mind.

Below is a sample ‘Christmas’ message letter sent by a leading spiritual figure addressing its parishioners.


Sample ‘Christmas’ message:


Senior Pastor Frances F. Williams

Calvary Hill Church

4999 Golden Ridge Road
Albany, NY 12207


December 25, 2010


Dear Brother/Sister-in-Christ

Re: Christmas message

Do you have room in your heart for Jesus?

That is the Christmas message I would like to bring to you this morning as we wake up to this wonderful day of Christmas. Many of us may not have the privilege of celebrating this Christmas with loved ones due to some other commitment or circumstances, but take heart, Jesus is with you!

And it is HIS day! Hallelujah! How wonderful that we can celebrate the birthday of a loved one every year. It is no different with our Savior, Jesus. In fact, His birth is SO important it MUST be celebrated every year to remind us to ‘make room in our hearts’ for him. The year is nearly over. Each of us, including myself, has been so busy throughout the year, with the things of the world, sadly to say, to care for the things of God.

But rejoice with me, brothers and sisters, that Christmas is the day we can put away other things in our hearts and make room for Jesus; for He made room for YOU when He chose to obey God’s plan to send Him to earth in the flesh.

We tend to make room for others who bless us, don’t we? Allow me to encourage you to ‘make room for Jesus’ in your heart this Christmas. He is the honored guest in our lives.

Have a Blessed Christmas!

Senior Pastor Frances F. Williams

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