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Friendship Messages

Friendships are necessary between people. No man is an island; everyone needs a friend. Friends are good for our well-being. Man is a relational creature. Communication is important in any relationship. Friendships need to be developed. Friendship messages can achieve that objective.

Friendship messages can be written by one friend to another on a daily basis to update each other the daily events in their lives. It could also be a pen pal writing to another in another country to exchange information about their individual countries while getting to know each other as a pen friend.

Friendship messages can contain any topic that a friend writes to another. It can be casual and enquiring, or it can be informative as an update of one’s life or the events happening around a person’s life.

Friendship messages serve to enhance the relationship between two parties through open sharing and communication. Truthfulness and acceptance are key elements in a friendship. True friendships do not criticize but lovingly listens and accepts the individual as he is while encouraging positive growth.

Below is a sample ‘friendship’ message letter which an individual writes to his friend who stays in another country.


Sample ‘Friendship’ message:



Richard E. Morgan

2185 Jail Drive
Geneseo, IL 612


February 13, 2011



Zhi Yü

1384 René-Lévesque Blvd
Montreal, QC H3B 4W8


Dear Zhi Yü

Re: Greetings!

It was great to receive your last letter dated February 10, 2011. Yes, Happy Valentine’s Day to you too! I do not know if you would receive this letter in time for Valentine.

I am so happy to have you as a pen friend; since our correspondence 3 years ago, I have enjoyed these friendship messages across our lands. Though we have not met personally, I feel that I know you so well. You are like my special friend who is always there to encourage me. You see the good in me all the time, unlike my family here. They expect a lot from me; sometimes, I feel pressured by my parents.

I am expected to earn my own living while at college. That is really tough as I have to balance studies and work. I am worried about failing my studies as work has been quite demanding since the last holiday season. I hope I will do well so that I will not waste this semester.

Thank you for taking time to read my woes. You are very patient and understanding. I wish my family is more like you.

Anyway, how are you doing? I am glad to hear that you passed your karate test with flying colors. So, are you a ‘master’ yet? What level is red belt? I am more active in sports, like basketball and rugby. There will be a basketball district championship next month and I am planning to qualify at the trials for a place. Wish me luck! I may be a bit busy juggling work, studies and try-outs from now to reply you earlier. So, please be patient with me again.

Your pen pal,



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