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Funeral Messages

Funerals are sad and somber events, most of the time; loved ones pass away and a void may be felt. Some demises are so sudden that leave the living reeling in shock and disbelief.

Hence, funeral messages need to be well worded to be sensitive to the feelings of the living than the dead. This kind of farewell is of a permanent nature to most people and it is hard to bid farewell and let go easily. Emotions may run high and words are often not palatable to the ear at the moment. The grieving party may be at a loss for words or choose not to speak much, if the relation with the deceased was strong and deep.

Funeral messages can be delivered by a spiritual authority such as the pastor of a church or spiritual leader of a religious body. They can also be conveyed by close members to the deceased as in the form of eulogy where a reminiscent of the good times with the deceased is shared and reflected. The virtues of the deceased may be highlighted in his/her honor to allow the audience a better glimpse of his/her life gone by.

Funeral messages usually end on a lighter note that the deceased is at a better place which the living should be happy for the deceased and their hearts be at peace.

Funeral messages are usually delivered at the wake service or funeral parlor where a funeral service is held.


Below is a sample ‘funeral’ message or eulogy delivered by a grieving party whose loved one has passed away recently.


Sample ‘Funeral’ message:



Alvin Joseph

550 Wilson Street
Eagan, MN 55121


February 20, 2011



All members of the Joseph family & beloved friends & associates


Dear All

Re: Eulogy

My heart is heavy as I stand in front of you this evening, to mourn the passing of Ethel Joseph, my beloved wife of 52 years. Thank you to all who have traveled far and near to support the Joseph family in this time of grief.

There was never any other woman for me; it was Ethel and Ethel Parrington only, once I set my eyes on her 55 years ago. She was the joy and sunshine of my life.  We were in our twenties and barely starting out in our careers. But I was very determined not to let go of this gem; and I did right.

Ethel could charm you till you forget your own name; she has that wonderful gift of making any stranger feel at home. Her children were blest by her maternal instincts and culinary skills.

We were devastated when Ethel was diagnosed with a weak heart last year. But we spent as much time together for we know time is limited. She made each of us loved and happy when she still could.

Ethel darling, I had loved you and I always will. I shall be with you again one day. I know you will be waiting for me, as you always do when I come home from anywhere.

Till we meet again, darling Ethel,

Your one and only – Al


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