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Graduation Messages

Graduation messages are conveyed to those who are graduating from high school or college. They can be conveyed by any well wisher such as family members, friends and business associates.

But, there are other types of graduation besides from studies. People can be graduating from some skills program or a social program like ‘debutante’ celebration where a young lady who has come of age has ‘graduated’ from adolescence to adulthood; graduations can also come through social achievement program like the ‘Alcoholic Anonymous’ program, where alcoholics have successfully battled against their addiction to move on to a new lease of life.

Graduation messages are usually well wishes with congratulations to the recipient, acknowledging his fine and well deserved achievement. These are messages of approval to the recipient as well as words of encouragement to boost the confidence of the graduate as he embarks on the next phase of his life.

Expectations are high on the graduate for greater things to be accomplished. Graduation messages tend to spur the graduate to greater heights in its content; the structure of a graduation message is not necessarily formal if the relation between the sender and graduate is close.


Below is a sample ‘Graduation’ message letter from a father to his son who has just graduated from college.


Sample ‘Graduation’ message:



Richard A. Garcia

4207 Hall Place
Bettie, TX 75680

February 18, 2011


Cain M. Garcia

2181 Smith Street
Worcester, MA 01609


Dear Son

You have graduated!

I am so proud of you. Congratulations on your college graduation this week! You are the first Garcia to graduate from college. Well done!

The Garcia clan is very proud of you; I have accepted your uncles’ and aunts’ best wishes on your behalf and their compliments to our family on your fine achievement. You have raised the Garcia name for us. It was not easy for our family in the earlier years as we struggled to set up a home here since our arrival to America 15 years ago; but this is the day we looked forward to, despite our struggles. Your graduation from college made it worth all our efforts. The America dream lives.

The world is at your feet now, son. The doors of opportunity open to welcome you. Enter boldly but carefully after choosing your options wisely.

It is too expensive for us to come down for your graduation. Have a good celebration with your peers, but son, do not forget your roots. Come back when you have some free time. Keep us updated with your life. We would always love to hear from you. Call or write to us on anything. Our arms are always open to receive you no matter what. You can count on us.

Son, I am proud of you. Remember that! You can do whatever you set your heart and mind to. We shall have a small celebration with your uncles and aunts soon in honor of you. We know that you will be busy looking for a good job.

Our hearts are with you.

Your loving dad


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