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Inspirational Messages

Everyone needs inspiration; inspiration motivates! Inspirational messages are important in giving hope and determination to an individual’s life. When one hears an inspirational message, he is encouraged and motivated to pursue the possibilities. There seems to be a silver lining behind every cloud, after hearing an inspirational message.

There are many types of inspirational messages; some can come in the form of autobiographies where individuals write of their life experiences which can be very moving and heart-warming to another. Readers of autobiographies are able to relate to the author’s feelings and experiences or wish to share in some of the events that the author describes so vividly or so excitingly.

Other inspirational messages come in the form of spiritual messages which can be sermons which are set to inspire the congregation. Such inspirational messages tend to be based on the Bible which records many events of people throughout history; great men and women who rose to fame and fortune as quickly as they fall, sometimes. These are like historical dramas which inspire the hearers to take application of the good and be wary of the traps.

A simple inspirational message could be a personal testimony from an individual to another, which gives hope and courage. It is sometimes difficult to give a personal inspirational message because it would be a true experience of an individual who would probably have undergone a harsh experience. It would sometimes be difficult to speak about the bad experience until time has really healed all the wounds.

Below is a sample ‘Inspirational’ message letter from an individual to another who has experienced a bad incident.


Sample ‘Inspirational’ message



Elizabeth T. Larson

3086 Copperhead Road
Manchester, CT 06040


February 20, 2011


Julie C. Lavergne

3396 Mutton Town Road
Marysville, WA 98270


Dear Julie

Re: The Power of Prayer!

I heard that you had a bad fall from your horse riding three weeks ago. It must have been quite an unnerving experience. As you lie on the bed, strapped to allow your bones to heal again, you feel excruciating pain.

I was once in your position, Julie. I had a similar fall too. I was hospitalized for 5 months. At first, I thought I would be discharged in a week or two but the weeks turned to months. I felt so frustrated that my bones were not healing quickly enough.

Everyone who visited prayed for me. I had nothing else to hope in. The doctors and nurses cannot give me hope. I had to hope in something or someone to continue living; otherwise, I wither away. So, determined to live to walk again, I hope in the One and only, for there was no other already at that fifth month. I had enough of crying, shouting, accusing, unforgiving and bitterness.

I believe in the one great God who loves; who loves enough to heal. As others prayed, I believed. I felt hope rising within me daily. I prayed for healing on myself. I reached out in faith. And one day, the doctors came in smiling with the good news. My bones and nerves are in perfect order. I was discharged exactly at the end of the fifth month. God, the Healer, is willing to heal if you would call on Him. He is only a prayer away.

Praying for you,,



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