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New Year Messages

A New Year is always special to all; it is a great symbol of new hope and new beginnings, where bygones are bygones and there are possibilities waiting for the bold and the adventurous, especially the young.

A New Year holds thanksgiving and gratitude for the older generation who has seen much in life; it is a time to be thankful and grateful for the dawn of a New Year after having gone through much in the year just passed. A New Year would also be a time of reflection and contemplations, which bring on resolutions whether they will be kept or not.

New Year messages can be written by everyone to anyone. They are messages of hope, joy, thankfulness, reconciliation and reflection. Many like to ‘start anew’ in their relationships as in forgiving those who may have wronged you and accepting differences to bridge the gap. A New Year message allows one to be bold and state the issue more directly for a better solution.

Even organizations can write a New Year message to their employees and business associates. Business New Year messages will strengthen the loyalty of employees while establishing stronger business collaborations with associates and clients.

New Year messages can be sent in a card or a letter written personally to express sincerity. A well written New Year message can be very impactful on the recipient to develop a relationship further.


Below is a sample ‘New Year’ message letter from an organization to its employees as a message of thanksgiving and encouragement to face the New Year together.


Sample ‘New Year’ message



Tyson Manufacturing Enterprise

9333 Golden Avenue
Manchester, CT 13790


January 2, 2011



All Employees of Tyson Manufacturing Enterprise



The Management of Tyson Manufacturing Enterprise is pleased to wish every of its employees a Wonderful New Year 2011. Welcome back to work. We trust that you have had a refreshing break with the 3 weeks of closure in December 2010.

As the New Year dawns, new hope and expectations come on the scene. The Management is thankful that the past year is gone as it was quite a struggle for our organization in the second and third quarters. But with each of your dedication and great performance, joining hands and heart, we pulled through the difficult moments together. Congratulations! The Management salutes its staff for their steadfastness towards the company which led to our good profit in the fourth quarter.

This New Year may start off with some uncertainty as we do not have the crystal ball on the economy; but we are sure that if we stay united and determined to make it work, our organization will surely succeed and climb another notch on the ladder of profit.

Hence, the Management of Tyson Manufacturing Enterprise looks forward to your full cooperation to weather any storm that we may face in 2011. We look forward to a successful year together, no matter what comes our way.

Together, with one mind and heart, hands at the plow, Tyson Manufacturing Enterprise can succeed in 2011!

Thank you.


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