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Retirement Messages

For those who work in an organization or with the government, there will come a day where one must ‘retire’, at least from the post or job.  Retirement is seen as a time of rest from active labor in the business segment where one is to take life at a slower pace. It is a time reserved for the many personal activities to be carried out or to realize unfulfilled dreams and desires, due to the busy work schedule or young family commitments.

Retirement messages can be given by a caring group of colleagues who wish to bid the retiring employee farewell from the workforce at a retirement party. The retirement message could have recollections and words of appreciation as well as well wishes.

Retirement messages are given in honor of the leaving employee. When it is delivered well and in sincerity, it can be quite overwhelming for the retiree which makes leaving the company more difficult.

On the other hand, a retirement message could come from the retiree as a farewell speech to those around him. He could also deliver a few words which summarize his time with the company and his gratefulness to those whom he calls ‘friends’ and not just ‘colleagues’ or business ‘associates’.

Below is a sample ‘Retirement’ message letter from the retiring employee to his fellow colleagues.


Sample ‘Retirement’ message



Stephen B. Martin

Chief Accountant

Total Solutions Consulting

862 Hollow Road
Eugene, OR 97408


February 11, 2011


Beloved Friends at Total Solutions Consulting


I am so privileged to have the pleasure of working with each of you here at Total Solutions Consulting. I have enjoyed my 30 years here. Nothing managed to displace me from this wonderful place I called home for the past 30 years. You are my ‘family’.

It was a blessing in disguise to stumble into Total Solutions’ employment. I worked hard to rise to my current position; and I stabbed no one’s back. A massage and a good shoulder rub, perhaps.

My retirement message is simple. Work hard when you need to; then, you will be prepared to enjoy the time they call ‘retirement’. Give your best to the company without calculating your returns; they will come in due time.

The management has been kind to recognize my efforts; for that, I am most grateful. I pay attention to what is required for the company’s betterment and where I can, I offered my services. There is no need for any office politics because the war or business competition is out there. When we remind ourselves of our purpose here, we shall always stay beside each other for a good working environment.

Hence, my friends, fellow colleagues and comrades, thank you for being part of my life. I am moving on to new discoveries, the elderly kind, so they say but I am sure some shall still excite me.

Thank you for your support, cooperation and forbearance, which are virtues to harmony at the workplace. I wish you every good health and success in your future undertakings.

God bless you!

Stephen Martin


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