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Warning Letter to Employee for absense


The employee name


City state and zip

Sub –Warning letter

Dear name
It has been observed that you have not been attending office from (date).

We have tried to contact you several times and even left message but you neither responded back nor attended office. This is the second time such an incident is happening last year also you dint come to office for a week and later informed that there was a death in the family .We later found out that it was a lie and you have been given a warning letter.

You are therefore, directed to attend office from ( date) and provide an explanation as to why relevant action should not be taken against you for your misconduct, failing, which it will be assumed that you do not have any explanation and is not interested to join back.

If there is no communication after the date given then it will lead to your termination.

Kindly treat this as urgent

For, company name

Your Name


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