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Acknowledge Recipient of Resume Letter

A recipient of resume letter is a formal letter written by a representative of a company to an individual who has sent the company a resume with the intent of securing a job in the company. Such letters are short letters meant to confirm the receipt of the resume and to inform the person that his application is being duly considered for the post. Acknowledgment receipts of resume letters do not give any hint as to the preference or the selection process of the company. The letter however can give the reader an idea of when and in what fashion the interview might be conducted, if at all the applicant is short-listed.

Some tips to write a good receipt-resume-letter:

  1. The letter has to be short. It can’t be long and it cannot contain unnecessary details.
  2. Sometimes, the writer is privy to certain information, like whether or not the applicant has been selected for an interview of not. However, divulging this kind of information to the applicant before it is formally and officially announced is wrong and to be avoided.
  3. Always remain neutral and impartial in your tone and never express your opinion of the applicant’s interview, as any contradictory changes in the future can alter the applicant’s chances of getting selected and therefore disappoint him further.

Acknowledge Recipient of Resume Letter Sample











Subject: Receipt of application and resume

Dear Mr./Ms.____,

This letter is to inform you that your resume, dated 20th of July, 2013 has been successfully received and submitted for the interview applications. We are pleased to inform you that you that your resume was successfully approved by the initial selection committee.

However, in accordance with the recruitment process in our company, you letter has to be approved of by the secondary selection committee as well in order for you to appear for an interview.

We therefore request you to keep in touch with the representatives of our company in case of any doubts or rectifications. Please note that if your application is duly forwarded for an interview, you will receive a call from us within a period of one week from this date.



_______ [Name and designation]

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