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Sample Acknowledgement Letter

Learn how to write Acknowledgement Letter. You can use this sample Acknowledgement Letter format directly as well.



(Name of the applicant)



Subject: Receipt of your job application

Dear applicant,

We appreciate your interest in our company for the position of (position title) and we acknowledge receipt of your resume for the same. We are in the process of screening all the resumes and will be short listing the candidates whose educational qualifications, experience and other interests meet our requirements.

Our review period is of # weeks and if our HR department finds that your resume matches with our requirements we will remain in touch with you and will provide you with the date, time and venue of the interview. We will notify all the applicants about our decision latest by__________. We hope you have an opportunity to discuss your skills in detail with us, but if we do not have an opening at this time we will retain your resume for next six months and will get back to you.

Thank you for the time you have given to___________. We wish you success in all your endeavors.

Hiring manager


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