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Christmas Letter to Sister

A  Christmas letter to sister is written by a brother or a sister to give blessings to the beloved sister. The letter also voices about the relationship between a brother and a sister. The letter consists of some old memories, blessings and the wishes too. This letter helps to build good relationship between the brother and sister.

Some tips to write a   Christmas letter to sister

  1. Mention about the good things that your sister has done for you from the beginning.
  2. It is a personal type of letter and so the language has tobe welcoming. A simple tone has to be used while writing.
  3. Mention that you love your sister a lot and hence you are writing this letter to express your feelings towards her.
  4. Also mention about the gift given by her to you and tell her that you liked the gift so much.

Christmas Letter to Sister Sample









Subject – A Christmas letter to sister

Dear Sister,

I am actually stunned about how the time passed so quickly and it seems that yesterday we were small kids and used to fight with each other for a small chocolate. But now those days are gone and we all are grown up. I am really thankful to you for the things that you taught me and worked very hard so that I become a good person. At the outset I would like to wish you a happy Christmas and a happy New Year 2014.This occasion cannot be celebrated without giving you wish. I always like the gifts that you keep giving every year. I can never forget the day when you used to get a best gift for me and tell me that it is given by Santa. I am really thankful to you for all the gifts that you have given me. Once again wish you merry Christmasand have happy year ahead.

With love,


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