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How to Write a Christmas Letter

Generally Christmas letters are written to wish each other. These letters are written in simple and appealing language. These letters are written to family members, employees, friends, relatives, boss or any other concerned person. There are many formats to write these letters.

Some tips to write a good Christmas letter

  1. While writing this letter, you should fist consider to whom you are writing this letter. You should use the tone and language accordingly.
  2. If you are writing this letter to someone from your family like mother, brother or sister then you should mention some of the old memories from your childhood. If the letter is to the boss, write the things that he has done for you.
  3. These letters shouldn’t be written in professional manner. These can be written in normal approach.

Christmas Letter Sample









Subject- Christmas letter

Dear John

I am writing this letter to you to wish you merry Christmas and a happy merry year. The days have gone through so fast and another Christmas is about to come. As my hectic schedule does not allow me to come to meet your personally, I thought of writing this letter to you. Hope you are doing well and are in very good health. Just like every year, I have taken some gifts for you. But I am not going to let you know that what the gift is. Finally this is a surprising gift. I will send it to you through courier; you will receive the same on time. Let the New Year come with all the good luck and let everything good happen to you. May your life lighten with the light of success and may the darkness of the failure go miles away. I once again wish you happy Christmas and a cheerful new year. May god bless you. May this year be the luckiest year of your life.

Yours truly,


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