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Sample Christmas Letter

Christmas is a festival of great sharing for people all over. It’s a Christian festival, however, a lot of people who aren’t Christians also like celebrating Christmas. A Christmas letter, also called an Xmas letter, is a letter sent to express the season’s greetings to somebody. A Christmas letter is a particularly informal yet ceremonious letter that wishes a person well, inquires about his happiness, about his family and their health. A Christmas letter isn’t too big, nor is it too comprehensive or poignant.

Some tips to write a good Christmas letter:

  1. Christmas letters are constantly cheery, expressing a good humor and attempting to make the recipient of the letter feel joyful as well. A Christmas letter also makes the reader feel motivated to extend the joy around, feel excellent about himself and about the season.
  2. Christmas letters wish a lot. People say things like ‘Merry Christmas!’ and ‘Happy Christmas!’ or ‘Yuletide Cheers!’. A lot of exclamation marks are used.
  3. Christmas letters will not question too much into a person’s delicate and personal matters, no matter how close the writer of the letter is to the receiver. Christmas letters are chiefly letters of greeting, and they discontinue a little after communicating the greeting and cheer.
  4. Lastly, a Christmas letter will never express any signs of lament, any reference to or of sadness. The most one can do is articulate pity at something sorry that might have happened in the near past.

Christmas Letter Sample












Merry Christmas!

Santa is here and this is the season of good cheer! How’s everyone there? I wish I could come over to your place on Christmas Eve to swap gifts. However, a letter will have to do.

Here’s wishing you and your family a very happy Christmas!

I hope all your dreams this year are fulfilled, and that the past year has been a good one. Here’s to a grand year ahead!



XYZ [Name]

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