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Confirmation Letter – Sample Confirmation Letter

Every organization has several stages towards hiring. They may choose to take an employee on “Contract”, move her/him to “Probation” and then finally take her/him to “Confirmation”. However Human Resource departments of all organizations differ. Confirmation is the final stage of an employee’s move on the status in the organization s/he works for. “Promotions” however are an ongoing process depending upon the capabilities and initiatives of a particular employee.

A Confirmation Letter is a document handed over to an employee informing her/him that s/he is now a confirmed employee of the organization. But most companies have longer notice periods attached to confirmed employees as compared to the ones who decide to leave during their contract or probation period. The terms and conditions of employment definitely change once an employee is a confirmed one.

A Confirmation Letter should be given to an employee as soon as s/he is found eligible for reaching that stage after the proper performance reviews. It is a great source of inspiration for the employee to get the letter as soon as the organization feels s/he deserves it. If the organization has a system where all the employees who are due to be confirmed in a particular month will only be confirmed at the end of that quarter, this policy should be clearly communicated to her/him. A dissatisfied employee is not a very happy to thing to have for an organization.

This letter should be short, crisp and to the point. The date from when the employee will be confirmed should very clearly be mentioned in the letter, as this is an important official document to have. If any terms and conditionsof employment have changed from the time the employee gets confirmed, it should also be a part of the letter. Who the person will report into, in case of any change, should also form an integral part of the letter.


  • A Confirmation Letter should be given as soon as the employee is found eligible for it
  • It should be short and crisp
  • A Confirmation Letter should not be a lengthy one as then it looses its value
  • If any terms and conditions of employment change at the time of confirmation, it too should be mentioned in the letter
  • The date from when the confirmation comes into place should be a part of the letter
  • Only content related to confirmation should be mentioned in the letter and the company should not digress from this topic
  • Carefully check the grammatical usage, spellings and language of the letter
  • A copy of this letter should be signed by the employee in acknowledgement of receipt


___________ (Name of the person who is being confirmed)

___________ (Date)

Subject: Your confirmation

Dear ___________ (Name of the person)

After careful evaluation of your performance this is to inform you that with effect from _________ (date of confirmation) you have been moved to Confirmation with our organization. You will now be __________ (detail of the designation if it has changed with the confirmation) and will report into __________ (name of the person who the confirmed employee will report to).

The terms and conditions of your employment will remain the same except for the notice period. There will be a 3-month notice period from either side with effect from the date that this confirmation.

Your CTC package will be Rs.____________. You may please contact the HR department for the necessary break-up.

We thank you for your initiatives and hope that you will perform with equal enthusiasm as time goes by. We wish you all the best in all your endeavors.

Best regards,

__________ (Name of signing authority)

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