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Letter of Confirmation to the Nominated Team Member

Confirmation letter should confirm and clarify that all people involved have the same knowledge of a correspondence and can be used as a record for future reference.


Dear Name,

We are glad you agreed to be nominated as a member of the united church team. We are anxiously looking forward to working with you in the ministry.

We will be submitting your name for approval for all the meetings and authorizing you for concerned reports. Your service with the team would be for two years and every year we will take your approval after the conclusion of the first year.

You will be scheduled to take up training programs to be a team member starting from ________ (date) and if you have any other appointments please let me know I will fix the training for some other period. It’s only after the completion of the training program you can serve in the ministry

Regarding other benefits and insurance coverage you can speak with the clerk at the church office.

If you need any clarification you can feel free to contact me at_______________


Your name


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