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Sample Confirmation of The Receipt of Order Letter

Whenever you purchase good at a store or get a receipt for services done it usually good to keep track of the payments and goods you have bought. So it the same with a receipt of order letter, it is a letter similar to a normal merchant receipt, showing the goods ordered and also the total price. It is used mainly by stores and also delivery companies. The benefit of this letter is that you are able to just write to the customer confirming on the paid items and also confirming delivery if there is any. It is only used to confirm the order that you have made on goods that you have bought and also how you will get the goods ordered. It keeps track of items and also works as a reference for future use.

Getting to write a good receipt order confirmation letter

Once you have ordered goods from a particular store you will probably receive a confirmation letter on you orders. So this goes out to those companies starting a business and looking for the best tips on writing a receipt of order letter to confirm goods ordered by your customers. While writing you will have to keep in considerations the following tips as stated below.

Formal – The letter to be written is formal, so it should be in a serious tone. It should a direct tone while writing to the consumer.

Dates – While writing the confirmation letter you should inform the recipient the dates you will be delivering there goods that they ordered form you.

Record – Show a record of the items bought that is the quantity and also the total price of the goods ordered. Before writing the records, ensure first that you have informed the customer that you have received the payments on the goods.

Short and precise – Be brief as you jot down the letter and make sure to go straight to the point and not to write long unnecessary stories.

With the consideration of the following guidelines you are now ready to type this letter.


Confirmation of the Receipt of Order Letter Sample


Mrs. Wendy Johnson,

Physical address: Nairobi, Kenya

P.O. Box 62000-00200, Nairobi

5th May 2009,

Subject: Letter of confirming receipt of order.

To Winy,

Dear Mrs. Winy,

This is a letter to confirm that you received the order for the following good that you purchased.

Items purchased:

  1. 32” television
  2. 5 piece carpet
  3. Dish washer
  4. Dining table
  5. Mattress

And we also write to inform you that we received the payments of the goods which is a total of Kshs 250,000 in form of a cheque on the 5th of June.

The items above will be delivered within this week to where you had specified. Along with the delivery attached documents necessary documents will be attached with each item purchased.

Thank you for doing business with us. If there is any issue or you require clarification please contact us.



John Peter


Confirmation of The Receipt of Order Letter Generator


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