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Confirmed Letter of Credit

This letter would be addressed to any customer informing them about the confirmation of letter of credit letter received by you. The letter is a way to tell them about the transaction process and its legal implications. The letter is a way to tell the customer that you value your customer and are happy to serve them.


Mr. Steven Smith,

Managing Director,

UFO Exporters Pvt. Ltd.,

East London.

28th Sept’ 2010

Subject: Credit letter confirmation

Dear Mr. Steven,

I am writing to you to inform you that we are pleased to receive the letter of credit confirmed by you. We hope that you have carefully considered the terms and condition before issuing the letter of credit.

I would like to bring to your kind notice that the letter of credit issued by is an irrecoverable letter of credit, which implies it is an legal agreement and you would require to pay the amount stated in the letter within the stipulated time period. Failure to make payments on time, we would be compelled to take legal course. We hope that you won’t let that situation arise. We are glad to serve and we assure to provide our service to all our invaluable customers like you.

Yours truly,

Linda Plunkett

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