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Credit Card Transaction Dispute Letter

Credit letters are of various types such a Letter of Credit, Credit repair Letter, credit dispute Letter, transferable letter of credit, commercial letter of credit and so on. But format of writing each and every type of credit letter is one and the same. As credit letters are formal type of letters the language use in writing such letters should be polite and professional.

Ms. Patrice A. Quinones

Branch Manager

Chattanooga Bank Pvt. Ltd

2314 Riverside Drive
Chattanooga, GA 30741

28 September 2010


Dear, Ms. Patrice

This letter is with reference to a bank statement received by me from your bank. The statement thus shows that a non payment of credit card purchases. With regards to this I want to clearly inform you that I had always made my all outstanding payments on or before the due dates. Thus it is a clear mistake from your side which showing an error on the recent bank statement received by me. The valid proof is cheque numbers and bank statement which I have along with me and I have been attached the copies of both with this letter as a reference. Kindly verify those documents and rectify the mistake which you had done in this month’s bank statement with immediate effect. I conclude my letter with this hope that such kind of mistake won’t be repeated from your bank in future.

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely,

Ms. Melissa H. Summers

592 Harley Brook Lane
Bedford, PA 15522

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