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Irrevocable Commercial Letter of Credit

This letter is a template of irrevocable commercial letter of credit. This letter informs how to draft a letter and the official format for drafting a letter of credit. The letter provides details of the things to be included in the letter of credit and the content to create an effective letter.

(Address of the Issuing Branch)

Issued Dated

Credit Number

Name of Advising bank

Name and Address of Applicant

Name and Address of Beneficiary

Maximum Amount

We hereby issue the current documentary this is the letter of credit in favor of (beneficiary name). This legal document is drafted against the specified drafts your end

Draw on ________ (date)

This contains the legal clauses which is drawn under ________ Branch

Irrevocable letter of Credit Number ___________ as per the ______________ (date)

The following documents are required to be attached:

The county officer statement signed by the officer Mr./Mrs.______ (name) _______ has failed to fulfill the required formality to perform the required measure on the project associated with the county. As per the prescribed county code, timely payment of bills and the labor has not been met. Additionally, if anyone is unable to submit a surety letter within a week’s of the expiry date of the letter of credit, the project will not be approved.

Bank Name_________

(Authorized Signature)

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