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Letter of Credit at Sight

The letter of credit at sight is an application given to a company. This letter is written

to request of the payment of credit card to the company. It is a commercial type of letter which acts as a document that a financial institute issues mainly in trade finance which generally arranges for undertaking of irrevocable payment.

Some tips to write a good letter of credit at sight

  1. Write everything in detail, the amount, repayment mode. Etc.
  2. Write what documents you have enclosed along with this letter.
  3. Ensure in this letter that you will agree to all the mentioned terms and conditions.
  4. Always write this letter in very professional manner. You can make use of simple words.

Letter of Credit at Sight Sample










Subject: letter of credit at sight


Dear Sir,

This letter is written to you to make you aware that M/s S.L. Enterprises acts in accordance with the regular terms and conditions and we wish to buy the material from the company and agree to the rules and regulations those are specified by the company. Hence we hereby request you to generate a non-changeable credit number for the account of M/s S.L. Enterprises in support of the amount not more than

$.15, 000.we have already submitted all the documents those are relevant  like copy of the material list, signed commercial invoices, documentary credit number, insurance policy coverages, shipment notices , fee payment instruction etc. We promise you to satisfy all the terms and conditions after the documents are submitted as mentioned prior to the due date given. Kindly bow to all the documents for the payment within twenty days after the date of consignment. Looking forward for a positive reply from your end.


Yours Truly,


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