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Letter of Credit Format

Format of writing credit letter is same as other letters the only difference is between personal letters and credit letters is these letters to be written in a professional language. Following is the format that can be use while writing a credit letter.

Introduction to Credit Letter: while writing an introductory Para of credit letter briefly explains what credit letters is and why it has to be written. What are the important points to be taken into consideration while writing credit letter and how it is written all comes under introductory Para along with the specification of reason behind writing credit letter?

Name and Address of Receiver: after writing introductory Para then write name and address of the receiver. It is always suggested of credit letters that also mention the name along with the designation and address of the receiver.

Date: present day’s date is very important for credit letter as it shows how old the letter is.

Subject: write the subject very clearly because in banks or in credit institutions everyone has busy schedule thus they only read the subject and on behalf of it they make decision.

Salutation: try to mentioned reader’s name along with Dear instead to writing Dear Sir/Madam.

Main Body of the Letter:  this is the most important part of the letter as it reflects the reason behind writing the letter. Try to express the reason in simple and brief manner. Give entire details about why you are writing this letter and what is importance of this letter through this Para.

Closing: at the end of the letter write yours truly or sincerely then mention your name, designation, name of your company and address of the company along with your signature.

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