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Teacher’s Day Messages

Teaching is a noble profession. It is important to value the efforts of teachers as they are the educators of the next generation. Teachers play an extremely important role in molding the minds of children and hence, in shaping their character too.

Thus, it is a worldwide celebration that teachers are honored on a special day. Many countries celebrate Teacher’s Day on May 16 every year; it is a time to show our appreciation to the educators who have molded fine minds and characters, many of whom have enjoyed success and fame in either the political, business or personal arena.

A Teacher’s Day message is usually written by a student to his teacher, expressing his appreciation for the dedication and commitment to the profession. It is usually a heart-warming message as it is written in sincerity and gratefulness. It is especially heart-warming to receive a Teacher’s Day message from ex-students who are successful in their careers or lives. That brings great motivation to the teacher.

A Teacher’s Day message is always a keepsake as its contents usually touch the heart of the recipient. It always brings a smile to the face and spurs the teacher on in his profession.

Below is a sample ‘Teacher’s Day’ message letter from a successful ex-student to wishing his high school teacher a happy teachers day. You can also add poems, quotes, images and messages to teacher’s day letter.


Sample “Teacher’s Day” message



Dr. Luther A. Roberts

Head of Research

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals International

2455 Austin Secret Lane
Cedar City, UT 84720


February 25, 2011



Jane C. Marshall

1135 My Drive
Garden City, NY 11530


Dear Ms. Marshall

Re: Happy Teacher’s Day

How are you? I do hope you are able to remember me, for I have not forgotten you.

I am Luther Aaron Roberts who was in your sixth grade at Wellington High in 1995. I know that it has been quite a while since I moved on from your tutelage but so much has happened in between.

I am writing to thank you for believing in me and encouraging me so much that I believed you that I can be successful. And today, I am. In that short span of one decade, I graduated in the 99 percentile of college to secure a research position in Pfizer. I have been promoted to Head of their Research department after my discovery of a new drug to ease arthritis. I am enjoying the fame and wealth doing what I enjoy in my career; all because of you. You believed in me because you saw the potential in me. For that, I am forever grateful to you.

I may not have had the opportunity to thank you earlier, Ms. Marshall, nor wish you “Happy Teacher’s Day” but I am forever indebted to you. You stand out in the teaching profession. You aced it with me.


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