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Apology letter to brother

Many a times it happened that we face a hard time in our relations and made some mistakes that might create a gap but then if we realize our mistake it is good to express the apologies for our mistakes. A sorry letter is then a best way to express your feelings. You only need to be true and clear while accepting your mistake.

Here is a sorry letter to brother:

Cheery Sanderson,

390, 2nd Floor,

Ville Apartments,


13th May, 2010

Dear Cheery,

I am writing this letter to pay my sincere apologies for not being there with you when you wanted me the most. I know that there are no formalities in our relation and we have a good level of understanding but still there are few things which I need to explain and that is the reason for which I am writing this letter to you.

I know that this is a hard time for you when you are handling all the stress of your life alone. I remember the days when we were kids and you were the person who always stands beside me to support and guide me and today when you need me I am not there with you. But believe me brother where ever I am, I am thinking for you and praying to lord to solve all your problems. The situations are worse for you now but you see that thing will change very soon. The market is getting stable day by day and shortly you will be able to bring out your business from the crisis which it’s facing these days. Cherry, I request you to take care of yourself as I am not there and in this high time of my pregnancy I can’t afford travelling and George is looking after me all the time, so he also can’t visit you.

I want to tell you brother that I love you a lot and I pray to the lord to finish all your hard times as early as possible. And I am real sorry for the things you are dealing with.

Your dear sister,


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