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Apology Letter to Husband

When you commit a mistake and hurt someone who is very close to your heart, then you should feel it and express your apologies. You can use a sorry letter to do so as it will be an imprint of your repentance which will remain forever with the recipient.

Here is a sample letter to husband:

Michel Fernando,

Prime Line Residency,

New Jersey

14th May, 2010

Dear Michel,

Though we never expressed ourselves like this before and few words really don’t have any meaning in our life but today I want to express my feelings and today I want to say sorry for my obnoxious behavior. I gave a deep thought to all the incidents that have happened in the past and I realize that it was not only you but even I was also responsible for messing up the things.

As a wife it was my responsibility to be with you at every step of life and to understand your situations. No matter what the others were saying but I should support you without any question but instead of doing so I questioned you about your every action and I did not believe you. Sweetheart I know that I hurt you like anything but believe me it was not me but it was my insecurity who forcefully driven me to this situation. Although sorry is just a word but today it is the entire expression of my feelings.

I am not only writing sorry to you but the pain that I am deeply feeling is the pain that I have given you with my bad attitude. I need one chance to prove myself and to revitalize our relation. I know it is hard for you to forgive me but if you can feel my apology then I can hope to have it.

I am waiting for you to come and cuddle me with your warm love because then only I will be sure that my sorry in accepted by you.

With all my love,


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