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Letter of Apology to a Friend

Friends mean a lot to many people and they give value to the relationship. Any relationship grows if there is mutual understanding and sense of responsibility. It is quite natural to commit mistakes but how to overcome the sense of guilt and request the other person to pardon him/her is most important.
Letter writing is the best way to express one’s feelings. If the words the genuine and true, the reader will definitely understand the feelings of the writer and becomes easier for the writer.

  • The letter should be simple, precise and clear.
  • The language used should be simple and express the feeling of the writer.


Letter of Apology to a Friend Template

Use our free Letter of Apology to a Friend to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.


__________ (friend’s name)

__________ (friend’s address)



Date __________ (date of writing letter)

Dear……………….( name of your friend),

It is quite unfortunate that ………………………… Though it was not my fault, the damage has occurred. I really apologize for this incident and hope it will not strain our friendship. You have been very supportive of me whenever there is a need and I expect the same this time as well.

I hope I am not causing inconvenience to you. I am sure you will understand the situation and support me in this regard.

I once again feel sorry for the inconvenience. Hope things will get better.

Affectionately yours,


…………………………. (Your name)

Download Template (Doc and PDF)

Word Filepdf

Letter of Apology to a Friend Sample, Email and Example/Format





_____________ ( your address)




_____________  ( address of the person the letter is addressed to)

Date: _________________ ( Date of which letter is written)

Dear John,

I want to apologize for the incident which happened last week. I took your car as my vehicle was under repair and I had to urgently go to my parents place as my father became ill suddenly. My mother had called me and asked me I I can accompany her to the doctor. I was desperate to reach and them and took your permission to use the car. But it was unfortunate that while I was returning when I was parking the vehicle, a truck came from behind and hit the car. It was quite sudden and by the time I realized the damage had happened.

It will take some time as I will take the vehicle to the technician and get it repaired. I feel sorry for the damage and inconvenience cause to you because of me. Please accept my apology and I hope it will not show on our friendship.

I am sure you will understand my situation and accept my apology.


Yours affectionately,



Email Format

In any persons life friend mean a lot to them but in any substance you hurt your friend then taking responsibility and saying sorry is equally important. A friend is a person whom you can tell anything but some time saying sorry to your friend is a bit awkward. Hence you take up support of sorry letter. When you address sorry letter to your friend then try to make it short, simple and sweet. As your friend knows you very well he will understand your feelings in simple words.


Dear, Ronald

From 15th October, 2010 the annual football championship is getting started in our college and our group has taking part in it. At the time of selection I performed well and you had selected me in you team. But know I got a knee injury and doctors have suggested me to take complete rest for next one month. Hence it won’t be possible for me to play in the annual championship. As you are my best friend and even the captain of my team it’s my responsibility to inform you well in advance so that you can arrange someone else on my behalf. Taking our friendship into consideration I feel that you will definitely understand my problem and try to make it easy for me. And I am extremely sorry for the inconvenience.

Yours Truly,

Mark S. Patten

323 Brown ton Road


Jackson, MS 3921


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