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Sorry Letter to Friend

In any relationship, misunderstandings do happen. But it all depends on how persons involved in the relationship will react, understand and forgive each other. Saying sorry is one of the best ways to apologize for the mistakes. Letter writing will help you to say sorry to your loved ones in an informal way.

The following tips will help to write a sorry letter to friend:

1. As it is an informal letter, it should be close to heart and express the feelings of the writer.

2. The letter should be clear and precise.

Sorry Letter to Friend Sample





_____________ ( your address)




_____________  ( address of the person the letter is addressed to)

Date: _________________ ( Date of which letter is written)

Dear Suji,

I am really sorry for not attending your son’s first birthday party. I made all the plans and wanted to spend the entire day with you and your family. But unexpectedly I had to attend a very important official meeting the same day. It was an important meeting and I could not avoid attending it.

I know you must have felt bad because of my absence. I offered to help you in the arrangements also. I hope the party went on well and you had a nice time spending with your friends and relatives.

How is Suraj? He must have been very busy playing with his friends. I think most of the invitees must have attended the party.

I know for how long you had been planning for this party. You told me that it is one of the biggest gatherings in your family. How is Rahul? He must have supported you well in all the arrangements and making the party a memorable one. I missed out all the fun and frolic you all had in the party.

I once again apologize for my absence in the party. I want to meet you all at the earliest. Please confirm whether you are free on Saturday. I will plan and meet you all.


Yours lovingly,


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