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Sorry Letter to Sister

Many a times it happened that we face a hard time in our relations and made some mistakes that might create a gap or even some times the situations are unavoidable but then if we realize our mistake it is good to express the apologies for our mistakes. A sorry letter is then a best way to express your feelings. You only need to be true and clear while accepting your mistake.

Here is a sample sorry letter to sister:

Merry Doth,

90, Saint Peter’s Lane,


13th May, 2010.

Dear Merry,

I am really sorry for not attending your wedding as it was the same time when my medical exams started. I know I had disappointed you by my absence but you that this is my final semester and I can’t miss my exams. Even I was feeling very bad about it as I had many plans for your marriage.

I still remember the day when I got the news of your wedding, I declared myself the bridesmaid and I even started planning for the wedding party. Do you remember the shopping that we did for your wedding and all the planning for the evening party? But my exams have spoiled all my plans and I have to go back to the hostel. Though I thought to escape for the wedding day in any way but I had a paper on the same day and when you were dressed in that fairy wedding gown of yours and stepping towards a new staring of your life, I was banging my head with the anatomy paper and every now and then assuming about you.

Marry, I am sorry because I know that at that moment you were nervous and you needed me the most. I promise you that as I’ll done with my exams, I will rush to you and then we will share all your thought and I will listen the complete story of your wedding day. I hope you will forgive me.

I love you sis!

Your darling sister,


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