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Sorry Letter to Teacher

Dear Madam,

I am extremely sorry for cheating in the math’s exam. I am aware of the consequences of this. But I honestly would like to let you know the cause of this. Actually I was very ill for last month 10 days and my friends informed me that there is an exam for math I requested my teacher to postpone it for me but he was not ready for that .as I had missed the portions was not ready for the exam. I tried to understand the topics from my friends and sat up every night to study but could not grasp anything fast. So I thought of a plan to cheat in the exam. I know that it is an offence and I will tell this you my parents and apologize and I apologize to you also to help me come out of this. Please give me one chance and I assure you that I will never do such a thing in life again.

I understand that is an offence which cannot be forgiven but allow me this time and will prove that I can clear the exam without cheating.

Please forgive me and convince the principle to allow me to write the exam again.



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