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Acknowledgement Letter

Acknowledgement Letter is a letter where the work or the effort of an individual or a group of individuals is recognized. But recognized not in monetary terms but only in terms of agreeing that the particular letter/assignment/project has been received. An Acknowledgement Letter can also be given for receipt of money in some form. The beauty of an Acknowledgement Letter is that it can be written by an organization to an individual or vice versa.

An Acknowledgement Letter may or may not necessarily be an official letter. A sister sends the sacred thread of ‘Rakhi’ to her brother and the brother acknowledges receipt of the mail through a return AcknowledgementLetter. An employee of an organization sends a letter through courier outside the organization gets an Acknowledgement Letter from the recipient confirming that the courier has been received.

In earlier times when pigeons were used as a mode of communication, sending a letter back through the pigeon was an Acknowledgement Letter. Then came the times of registered letters sent through the postal department. These letters went with ‘Acknowledgement Due (AD)’ cards, which needed to be signed by the recipient and were then delivered by the postal department to the sender. Now these are times of couriers where the POD or Proof of Delivery is an Acknowledgement.

Since letters can be delivered by hand or post they can be acknowledged by return post or by signing on a copy of the letter delivered by hand.

Points to be considered while writing an Acknowledgement Letter:

  • The Acknowledgement Letter should always be addressed to the person whose work/effort is being acknowledged
  • It should also have details of what is being acknowledged so that a person who is not totally involved in the entire transaction can also understand the content of the letter
  • It should be short and crisp
  • Since it is only a medium of acknowledging a work/effort, it needn’t necessarily be complimenting
  • It should be prepared in duplicate where in one copy is handed over to the recipient and the other one is signed by the recipient as proof of receipt
  • If it is being sent by an organization to an individual, it should always be on the letter head of the organization

SAMPLE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT LETTER (for payment given for a product purchased)

Ms/Mr. ____________

Address of the person to whom the letter is being sent


Subject: Acknowledgement of receipt of payment

Dear Ms./Mr. ________________

We thank you for buying our product _______________ (give product details) from our outlet on _________ (date).

We acknowledge receipt of payment vide Demand Draft/Cheque No. _________ dated ____________ drawn on ______________ Bank for Rs._____________.

We hope you enjoy using our product. In case of any suggestions or complaints please call on our Customer Service no. ______________.

Yours sincerely

(Name of the person)



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