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Authorisation Letter Format

This type of authorization letter would be addressed to whomsoever it may concern in relation to the public interest to notify & disclose all the matters in the internal business unit. This would signify the intention & requirement for kind of any authorization concussed up.


C. F. A. I. Bank Ltd;

Customer Care Incharge,

Near Hiranandani Gardens,

Powai Lake Road.

5th Sept’ 2010.

Subject: Format of Authorization Letter

To Whomsoever it May Concern.

I, Nitin Goode, the undersigned current account holder of your esteemed Powai Branch Office, with account number KFC 0005798620, hereby consent & authorize your bank to disclose & make public all the relevant account information as may be required as per the provisions prescribed by your management & legal formalities.

Further to make the information on business transactions & dealings more crystal clear, we at STAR Associates & Services are ready to do the needful as & when required & possible in order to create a worth relationship beyond just the banker & the client customer relation bond.

Lastly, to a certain extent, it is just a request kind to intimate in advance before disclosing the said information to any authorities, to adhere to the up to date amendments & changes worked over the time lapsed.

Yours Truly,

Signed for

STAR Associates & Services.


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