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Authorisation Letter Template

This authorization letter type would be addressed to whomsoever it may concern as the case may be for any public interest & litigation dependent upon. This would indicate the purpose of replacement & authorization on any legal grounds etc.

ABC Associates.

46 Blossoms, Hiranandani Enclave,

Powai Gardens.

5th Sept’ 2010.

Subject: Letter of Authorization for Mr. Narayan Gavde.

To Whomsoever it may concern.

We, the undersigned registered partners & on behalf of ABC Associates, in relation to the subject, hereby consent to authorize Mr. Narayan kelkar, an associate member our sister concern from LMS Associates, to operate in relation to the endorsements & sanctions in absence of one of our partner Mr. Akshay Purohit, for a period not exceeding more than six months from the date of approval of this authorization letter.

Having approved in the special meeting with Mr. Narayan kelkar, the task can also extend to undertake all such assignments, sign on behalf as may be prudent, carry out relevant business & bank related transactions, as were in the capacity of Mr. Akshay Purohit.

Further to persuade in good faith that such replacement & authorization for certain specified time, is carried out on legal grounds.

Yours Truly

Seal & Signature of Partners of PQC Associates.





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