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Christmas Letter Sample

A Christmas letter sample supposed to be written by Santa Claus a few days prior to the festival of Christmas. The reason behind writing this letter is to inspire the children to make preparations of the Christmas. This letter has to be written in simple language. You can write these letters in funny as well.

Some tips to write Christmas letter sample

  1. The letter should be written in an innovative and funny manner so that the reader can enjoy the same. There is no specific format for the same.
  2. The personal touch has to be there while writing this letter. The letter should be full of feelings and blessing too.
  3. Mention about the gifts as well. Write the letter in the way you speak to someone.

Christmas Letter Sample









Subject – Christmas letter sample

Dear (name)

Once again the time of Christmas has come. I have become too nostalgic and simply thinking how old you all have grown and how fast you have developed. I have come to know that you have achieved the first rank in fancy dress competition and the cherry on the cake is you were a Santa Claus and you performed so well that you won the prize. I am really proud of you my son hope you get many such prizes in your life.

I am really very impressed and going to get you some gift. But you will get to see it only at that day. I am sure you will like my gift. See you soon. Love you all. Merry Christmas to all of you and have a happy new year. May the year be full of happiness.

With lots of love



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