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Christmas Letter to Boss

A Christmas letter to boss is written by the employees to the boss to send the festival wishes. This letter has to written in very formal and professional manner. This letter will be helpful to develop social relationship between the boss and the employees. This letter is written in absence of a Christmas function that is organised by boss in the office.

Some tips to write a good Christmas letter to a boss

  1. Remember that you are writing this to your boss and hence you must make use of polite and professional language. The tone has to be humble.
  2. The letter has to be written in very formal way. No informal language should be used.
  3. As it is an official letter, you have to be too specific. Do not write a lengthy letter. Write such a letter that can create a very good impact on your boss.
  4. Use word like kindly and please that can make a real good sense.

Christmas Letter to Boss Sample









Subject – Christmas letter to boss

Your name

Dear Mr. John

I’m feeling really happy to write this letter to you on behalf of all the staff members. I wish you and your family a very Christmas and may this year bring you all the wealth and prosperity. May all have a great time together. This year we did not organise a Christmas party in the office due to sad demise of Madam Eva, hence I have decided to write this letter to you and convey our wishes and blessings.

Christmas is a festival of love and blessings. This is the time when dear ones come together and have a wonderful time. This is time for making everyone happy by giving gifts. Christmas is a delightful festivity. It is the time to make employer employee relationships strong. I say good bye and I wish your year brings you all that you wished for.



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