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Christmas Letter to Brother

A Christmas letter to brother is written to a brother who is staying far away for some reason and who is expected to come for the Christmas occasion. This letter can be written by a sister or a brother. This is a kind of family letter and can be written in simple and informal manner.

Some tips to write a good A Christmas letter to brother

  1. This is a family letter so write it in normal manner. Do not write it in a professional way.
  2. Use simple words and very friendly language. The letter should be full of feelings and blessings.
  3. You can write a lengthy letter. It is a way to express your feelings in detail.
  4. Mention some of your childhood memories that can actually make your brother laugh.

Christmas Letter to Brother Sample









Subject – Christmas letter to brother

Dear Sam,

How are you my dear brother. We really miss you very much. Also we are very much worried about you. We all are looking forward to meet you and hope you com here at the time of Christmas and we all celebrate this occasion together. As you are coming home after a long time, this Christmas is really going to be exciting for both of us. Last year we missed you a lot during this festival but this year we are happy that you are going to be with us. Your presence is going to be a great gift for us. We have brought some gift for you and hope you like. Anyways we are not going to tell you what it is as it a surprise for you.

Dear brother we really love you a lot and miss you. Wish you a merry Christmas and a very happy new year ahead.  See you very soon.

Yours lovingly,


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