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Christmas Letter to Friend

A Christmas letter to friends is written to a friend to whom you have not met since a long time due to the busy and hectic schedule. This letter is a very good way to restart a long lost friendship. This letter is a type of informal letter.  This letter is written to wish the friend happy Christmas.

Some tips to write a Christmas letter to friend.

  1. If you are writing the letter to your friend with whom you have lost contact long back then you should ask about what is happening in his life and also tell him something about your life.
  2. The letter should be written in a positive manner sufficient to reconstruct the bond between you and your friend.
  3. Also give blessings and wishes to the family members of your friend.
  4. Use very friendly and comfortable language.

Christmas Letter to Friend Sample









Subject – Christmas letter to friend.

Dear Friend

Hello, how are you. Long time no see. How is your life going on? How are your mom and dad? Hope they are in good health. We all also fine here. I work with Swiss bank as an officer and my wife is a content writer. Just now we have comeback from a trip to Singapore and we had a great fun there. It’s been a long time, since we met and had a get together. Why don’t you all come here and let us have a great time. I am sure children will love this and they will enjoy the time together with each other.

I have come to know that your sister is getting married. This is really great news and I wish her a great married life. I hope to come for the marriage. I know that you all must be very happy for her. Let us arrange a get together with our families so that kids can also enjoy playing each other. Wish you all a happy Christmas and a happy new year. May the New Year is fun filled and brings you great happiness. May god bless you this Christmas and get you all the luck. Have a happy new year ahead. May your life be lightening with new victory.

Merry Christmas

Your name

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