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Christmas Letter to Mother

A Christmas letter to mother is written by a son or daughter to the mother. This letter acts like a messenger between children and mother. This is a family type of letter. The letter is written to convey wishes and blessings to a mother.

Some tips to write a good Christmas letter to mother

  1. You are writing this letter to your mother so use a respectful language.
  2. Use simple wordings and a lovely tone. The letter must convey your feelings to your mother.
  3. Do not use a formal pattern. This letter has to be written in very informal manner.
  4. Express your warm and open heated feelings towards your mother. Mention the things that she has done for you. Also tell her that you miss her so much.

Christmas Letter to Mother Sample









Subject Christmas Letter to mother

Dearest Mom,

I believe that you will be happy to receive the letter.  Christmas time is upcoming and I wish you and Dad, a very happy Christmas and a very wealthy and successful New Year. Due to my busy and hectic schedule I cannot manage coming to your place for this occasion and hence writing this letter to you to covey my feelings. I am really feeling bad that we all cannot get together on this festival. Next time I will try very hard to make it. Really I am going to miss you both on this lovely occasion.

I hope you both are in good health and having good time. I know you both are also going to miss me a lot. Yesterday I was just going through all the photos and was recollecting how we used to have fun during Christmas. I wish you all the happiness and health in the near future. Thanking you.

Your loving son,


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