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Christmas Letter to Prisoner

Christmas Letter to Prisoner is written from a person to prisoner as a reply to his earlier letter. The main aim of the letter is to give moral support and encouragement to the person in prison. The letter is written to wish the prisoner on the occasion of Christmas and give him blessings.

Some tips to write a Christmas Letter to Prisoner

  1. The letter should be in simple and funny language so as to give moral support to the prisoner.
  2. Use simple wordings and a personal touch.
  3. Mention about good things that he can do after he becomes free. Try to give him a positive attitude.
  4. Mention in your letter that you are always there to help him.

Christmas Letter to Prisoner Sample









Subject Christmas Letter to Prisoner

Dear Paulson

First of all let me thank you for your letter dated 6 December. I am very happy for you that you have started thinking positively and that reflected from the letter written that is by you. This is very appreciable that you can write a funny letter in such circumstances. This shows that you will start a new life after you are released from the prison.

I remember a letter from you in which you have written that after you become free, you will go to Sydney, Australia with your friends and relatives who will help you to get a new life. It seems you are little down on this Christmas as the loneliness annoys you so much. But you must never feel lonely as we all are with you all the time. I wish you all the love and luck and have a Merry Christmas. A Happy New Year to you and let the New Year brings you a free and cheerful life ahead.

Yours Sincerely


With love,


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