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Christmas Letter to the Employee

Christmas letter to the employees are written by the management to employees to wish them. Employees are the actual pillars of a company. Normally the management wishes and give blessings to their staff on all the occasions. Such letter helps to make the employer employee relations strong.

Some tips to write a good Christmas letter to the employees

  1. This letter can be written in completely formal way. The letter has to be written by higher authority of the management addressing all the staff.
  2. Be specific. Do not write too much. Express your feelings in short.
  3. Also write about how you are working hard to construct a healthy relationship between you and the employees.
  4. Make use of professional language. This letter is going to help you to make your relations healthier.

Christmas Letter to the Employee Sample









Subject – Christmas letter to the employees

To all employees of Intaas Ltd.

I take this prospect to show gratitude to all the employees of Intaas Ltd. and give them warm wishes for Christmas and New Year .Last year we have made very good success and this was all not possible without your kind support. It is all your hard work and dedication that has taken the company on the top position. I thank you all once again for the accomplishment our company had last year. I also hope we make much more progress in the coming year 2014. I wish the graph of success of our company goes upward every year. I wish you all a happy Christmas and a prosperous new year. May the coming year bring luck and success tour company and all of us too.


Happy holidays.

Yours truly,


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