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Free Christmas Letter

A free Christmas letter is written by Santa Claus before the Christmas Eve. These letters are normally entrenched with good wishes, appreciations, blessings and prayers for the one who reads. The letter is of an informal type and this is written in very simple manner. A positive tone is used while writing this letter.

Some tips to write a free Christmas letter

  1. The letter is informal in nature and hence flowery and encouraging language has to be used.
  2. Give blessings to the reader.
  3. Mention about the achievements and the gifts that Santa is going to give on the Christmas Eve.
  4. Also mention about what preparations Santa has done to go on the earth. Also mention about the gifts that the Santa is going to give.

Free Christmas Letter Sample









Subject – free Christmas letter,

Dear Flavia

Hello this is Santa. How are you all doing? Hope you all are well. We all are getting ready with our gifts to be distributed on the Christmas Eve. Hope you all have done with your preparation to welcome us. Mrs. Claus is busy fixing my red suit as it has got many holes due to sliding down last year. I am reminding you toassist your parents for the preparations. Even I am helping Mrs. Claus and we are confirming that all things are done.

I have come to know that you have achieved first ranking the class this year and also you have won second prize in the singing competition and we all are proud of you achievements.  We all think that you justify some special gift this year, and soon you will get it. I am eager to meet you all. See you soon. Wish you all a Merry Christmas in advance. Also hope that you will have a great year ahead.


Merry Christmas and Wholehearted Wishes!


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