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Funny Christmas Letter

In general sense, funny Christmas letters are written by small children to the Santa Claus in order to demand any particular gift from him. These letters are very humorous and you can see lots of fun and innocence while reading. As these are funny letters, no specific format or the tone is being used.

Some tips to write funny Christmas letters

  1. As these are funny letters, just write general letter and do not follow any particular format.
  2. The language has to be hilarious and innocent. A childish tone can be used for special effects.
  3. You can write the letter in as simple way as you can.
  4. This letter can be written in lengthy size as it is a funny kind of letter and interesting to read.

Funny Christmas Letter Sample









Subject – funny Christmas letter

Dear Santa

Hello Dear Santa. How are you doing? How is everyone there?  Have you prepared yourself for coming here? Hope you give me the best gift as you gave me in the earlier year. I still read the book given by you and none of my friends have ever got such a nice gift. I have shown the book to all my friends here. This year also you give me such a gift that is better than all my friends and neighbours. You always arrive at the time when we all go for sleeping. We have never got a chance to meet personally. I would be really grateful to you if you come little early this year and give us all gift personally instead of dropping them under the tree. I am also willing to give you some return gift provided you come personally and meet us. Willing to see you soon.


Merry Christmas!



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