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Sample Business Christmas Letter

These letters are written by the companies to their customers to wish them. These letters help to build and strengthen relationships between the company and the employees. These letters are informal communication between the company and its clients. The letter is to be written in a professional manner so as to create a good impact on the person who receives it.

  • This letter can be written in an informal manner. Yet a professional aptitude has to be there. A simple language has to be used while writing this letter.
  • The letter should contain name and address of the customer to who you wish to send the greetings and give your wishes.
  • This letter must be written by the topmost authority of the company, and it has to be duly sealed and signed. This helps to create a good impression and also make your relationship stronger.
  • Friendly tone has to be used while writing this letter as this letter is being written on the occasion of a festival.

Sample Business Christmas Letter Template

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Subject – _________(Mention the purpose)

I am ________ (name of the person) writing this letter to convey you and your staff my feelings and best wishes for this Christmas and coming year 2014. We are absolutelydelighted to say you hi, and simultaneously, we will like to wish you and your entire family pleasure on this occasion. We wish you a very happy Christmas and prosperous New Year 2014.May god bless you and we hope that coming 2014 brings you many achievements and victories. Let the darkness of failure go away and may your life enlighten with light of success.





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Sample Business Christmas Letter Sample, Email and Example/Format









Subject – business Christmas letter,

Dear Mr. Manager:

We are writing this letter to wish you all and all your employees happy Christmastogether with the family and friends. We have a very good relation and hence I take this opportunity to wish you all and your people happy Christmas and New Year.  As well we also desire to wish you a happy New Year 2014 and let the New Year bring you all the success and prosperity. We wish best things for you and your organisation as well. Without mentioning much, Iwould like to say good bye 2014 and merry Christmas. Have a happy new year ahead. Let our relationship become stronger and we all make progress in the coming year 2014.May this year become the luckiest year of your life.

Yours sincerely



Frank D souza






Email Format

The title business letter itself describes about the indirect conversation between the senior executive or the manager of the organization and the employee working in that particular company. Business Christmas letter is a way of sharing and expressing ones feelings towards the reader. Christmas business letter is a way of thanking to the employee for working with the company for so many years as well as for the successful relationship which is maintained between them professionally.

Dear Timothy,

I wrote to greet you a wonderful Christmas season and A Happy New Year! Christmas is a time for sharing love and other wonderful things and I am sharing my love to you this Christmas. I know that we have come a long way since we start our business five years ago. The only time to meet our friends, customer and business associates is this Christmas Season. I would like to grab this opportunity to thank you for a wonderful partnership that we have.

Although there are so many ups and downs in our business we cling to our determination to overcome them and indeed we succeed against those business troubles.  Because of this, I seek this Christmas season to thank and feel you my appreciation to you and to your family.

Yours Truly,


Homer G. Long.


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