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Sample Business Christmas Letter

The title business letter itself describes about the indirect conversation between the senior executive or the manager of the organization and the employee working in that particular company. Business Christmas letter is a way of sharing and expressing ones feelings towards the reader. Christmas business letter is a way of thanking to the employee for working with the company for so many years as well as for the successful relationship which is maintained between them professionally.

Timothy D. Smith
4323 Ventura Canyon Ave, Apt I
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423-5004.

25th October 2010.

Subject: Sample Business Christmas Letter.

Dear Timothy,

I wrote to greet you a wonderful Christmas season and A Happy New Year! Christmas is a time for sharing love and other wonderful things and I am sharing my love to you this Christmas. I know that we have come a long way since we start our business five years ago. The only time to meet our friends, customer and business associates is this Christmas Season. I would like to grab this opportunity to thank you for a wonderful partnership that we have.

Although there are so many ups and downs in our business we cling to our determination to overcome them and indeed we succeed against those business troubles.  Because of this, I seek this Christmas season to thank and feel you my appreciation to you and to your family.

Yours Truly,

Homer G. Long.

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