Confirming Attendance letter

Nearly all educational institutions sometime or the other organize conferences and seminars. It is of great prestige and honor to receive an invitation for them. It is a great honor for someone to be invited in a national conference. Giving your confirmation is then an important step from your side.

Here is a sample confirming attendance letter:


Dr. David Ronaldson

Dale College of Medical Sciences,




Dr. Richard Norton

The Director,

Medical Council of Canada,



21st May, 2010

Ref: Confirmation of attendance in the seminar

Dear Dr. Norton,

I am very grateful to you for considering me as a part of this international conference and would like to give my confirmation to attend the conference on Congenital Heart Diseases in Children.

This topic holds immense interest to me as I have done a lot of research work on the children suffering from Congenital Heart Diseases. Few months back I received the honor of presenting the research paper in one of the conferences on Heart Diseases.

Now it shall be a great pleasure to hear the renowned researchers and doctors speaking on the issue. I am very excited for the conference and I will be there on the very first day of the conference as I do not want to miss any moment of it.

I hope that the bookings in the hotel will be done by your institution. The air ticket has already been booked by me. I am looking forward to meet you all once again.

Thanking You,


Dr. David Ronaldson

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